This use case loads a peer’s RelatonshipTemplate from the Backbone by a given reference to the RelationshipTemplate.


There are three different options to use this use case, depending on the actual information received by the peer:

  • by knowing an id and the secretKey of the peer’s RelationshipTemplate (RelationshipTemplateReference)
    • id of the RelationshipTemplate
    • secretKey as Base64URL encoding for decrypting the RelationshipTemplate
  • by knowing a reference of the peer’s RelationshipTemplate (RelationshipTemplateReferenceTruncated)
    • reference as string
  • by knowing a reference of the peer’s Token, which references to the peer’s RelationshipTemplate TokenReferenceTruncated
    • reference as string

On Success

On Failure

  • The parameters are malformed.
  • The RelationshipTemplate does not exist.
  • The RelationshipTemplate is expired.
  • The maxNumberOfAllocations of the RelationshipTemplate are depleted.

How to execute this use case with the Connector?

The Connector is our first-class citizen, thus we provide you with a detailed API description for every use case. This use case can be executed with the REST API of the Connector which you can Access the Connector.
Corresponding interactive API docs excerpt: