Please find a list of enmeshed error codes below. Most often the errors occur on invalid input or actions. If you happen to find unexpected errors while using enmeshed or cannot deduce the reason for your error, please report it in the enmeshed Issue Tracker.

ErrorCode Description
error.connector.http.methodNotAllowed This method is not supported for the requested resource.
error.connector.http.notAcceptable The requested resource is capable of generating only content not acceptable according to the Accept headers sent in the request.
error.connector.http.routeDoesNotExist The requested route does not exist.
error.connector.unauthorized Unauthorized.
error.connector.validation.invalidJsonInPayload The given payload is not a valid json object.
error.connector.attributes.cannotCreateNotSelfOwnedRepositoryAttribute When createing an repository attribute the owner musst not be someone else.
error.consumption.attributes.cannotSucceedAttributesWithAParent The Attribute you want to succeed has a parent. You cannot succeed Attributes with a parent. Instead, succeed the parent, which will implicitly succeed all its children. For example, if you want to change a HouseNumber, you should succeed the Address it is part of.
error.consumption.requests.decide.validation.invalidNumberOfItems The Request and the Response item count is different.
error.consumption.requests.decide.validation.itemAcceptedButParentNotAccepted You accepted an item of a Request or RequestItemGroup, but you rejected the parent. If you accept a RequestItem, you need to accept all parents up to the root.
error.consumption.requests.decide.validation.mustBeAcceptedItemNotAccepted The Request was accepted but an item that was flagged as ‘mustBeAccepted’ was not accepted.
error.consumption.requests.decide.validation.requestItemAnsweredAsRequestItemGroup You answered a RequestItem as a RequestItemGroup.
error.consumption.requests.decide.validation.requestItemGroupAnsweredAsRequestItem You answered a RequestItemGroup as a RequestItem.
error.consumption.requests.invalidRequestItem The given RequestItem is invalid.
error.consumption.requests.servalErrorDuringRequestItemProcessing A serialization / validation error occurred during the RequestItem processing. Check the type definitions of your used types.
error.consumption.requests.unexpectedErrorDuringRequestItemProcessing An unknown error occurred during the RequestItem processing.
error.runtime.alreadyInitialized The runtime is already initialized. The init method can only be executed once.
error.runtime.alreadyStarted The runtime is already started. You should stop it first for a restart.
error.runtime.cacheEmpty The cache of the requested entity is empty.
error.runtime.challenges.invalidChallenge The challengeString is invalid.
error.runtime.challenges.invalidSignature The signature is invalid.
error.runtime.files.invalidReference The given reference is not valid. The reference for a file must start with ‘VE9L’ or ‘RklM’.
error.runtime.invalidTokenContent The given token has an invalid content for this route.
error.runtime.messages.fileNotFoundInMessage The requested file was not found in the given message.
error.runtime.notInitialized The runtime is not initialized. You must run init before you can start or stop the runtime.
error.runtime.notStarted The runtime is not started. You can only stop the runtime if you executed start before.
error.runtime.notSupported The requested feature is not supported.
error.runtime.recordNotFound The requested Record was not found. Make sure the ID exists and the record is not expired.
error.runtime.relationshipTemplates.cannotCreateQRCodeForPeerTemplate You cannot create a QR Code for a peer template.
error.runtime.relationshipTemplates.cannotCreateTokenForPeerTemplate You cannot create a token for a peer template.
error.runtime.relationshipTemplates.invalidReference The given reference is not valid. The reference for a relationship template must start with ‘VE9L’ or ‘VE9L’.
error.runtime.requestDeserialization There was an error during the request deserialization.
error.runtime.servalError A serialization / validation error occurred.
error.runtime.startup.noActiveAccount No AccountController could be found. You might have to login first.
error.runtime.startup.noActiveConsumptionController No ConsumptionController could be found. You might have to login first.
error.runtime.startup.noActiveExpander No DataViewExpander could be found. You might have to login first.
error.runtime.unknown An unknown error occurred. Check the error message or the stack trace to learn more.
error.runtime.unknownType The given ‘@type’ could not be found during the deserialization.
error.runtime.validation.invalidPayload The given combination of properties in the payload is not supported.
error.runtime.validation.invalidPropertyValue A property of the given payload is invalid.
error.transport.challenges.challengeTypeRequiresRelationship The challenge type ‘Relationship’ requires a relationship for the challenge creation.
error.transport.datawallet.currentBiggerThanTarget The current datawallet version is bigger than the target version.
error.transport.datawallet.encryptedPayloadIsNoCipher The given encrypted payload is no cipher.
error.transport.datawallet.insufficientSupportedDatawalletVersion The current SupportedDatawalletVersion is too low to perform the requested operation.
error.transport.datawallet.unsupportedModification A collection was recieved in a CacheChanged datawallet modification but is not supported in the current version of the library.
error.transport.devices.alreadyOnboarded The device that you try to create an onboarding code for has already been onboarded.
error.transport.files.cipherMismatch The actual hash of the cipher does not match the given cipherHash. Something went wrong while storing/transmitting the file.
error.transport.files.fileContentUndefined The given files content is undefined.
error.transport.files.invalidMetadata The metadata of the file is invalid.
error.transport.files.invalidTruncatedReference The given truncated reference is invalid.
error.transport.files.maxFileSizeExceeded The given file content size exceeds the max file size the backbone accepts.
error.transport.files.plaintextHashMismatch The actual hash of the plaintext does not match the given plaintextHash. Something went wrong while encrypting/decrypting the file.
error.transport.general.baseUrlNotSet The baseUrl was not set.
error.transport.general.platformClientIdNotSet The platform clientId was not set.
error.transport.general.platformClientInvalid The combination of platform clientId and clientSecret is invalid.
error.transport.general.platformClientSecretNotSet The platform clientSecret was not set.
error.transport.identity.realmLength The given realm is not 3 characters long.
error.transport.messages.noMatchingRelationship A Relationship with the given address does not exist.
error.transport.messages.ownAddressNotInList The recipients list of a message didn’t contain an entry for the own address. This message should not have been received.
error.transport.messages.plaintextMismatch The own address was not named as a recipient within the signed MessagePlaintext. For example this can be caused by a replay attack.
error.transport.messages.signatureListMismatch The signature list didn’t contain an entry for a given address.
error.transport.messages.signatureNotValid The digital signature on a message for a peer key is invalid. An impersonination attack might be the cause of this.
error.transport.notSupported The requested method is not yet supported.
error.transport.recordNotFound The requested record was not found.
error.transport.relationships.wrongChangeStatus The relationship change has the wrong status to run the requested operation.
error.transport.secrets.secretNotFound No secret was found for a specific type.
error.transport.secrets.wrongBaseKeyType The given secret type is not supported!
error.transport.signatureNotValid A signature is invalid.
error.transport.tokens.invalidTokenContent The given token content is invalid.