Welcome to the “Explore enmeshed” section of our website, your gateway to understanding the intricate world of enmeshed. Here, we embark on a journey through the various facets of enmeshed, from its fundamental workings to advanced technical insights.

First things first

In this section, we lay the foundation by addressing the fundamental aspects of enmeshed. We start by explaining how enmeshed works, explore example scenarios, highlight its features and provide answers to commonly asked questions.

How we think

Discover our perspective on enmeshed as we delve into the mindset behind its development. We discuss integration considerations, security aspects and privacy considerations that shape our approach to creating a secure and privacy-conscious platform.

Our Layers

Unveil the layers that make enmeshed a robust and versatile solution. We’ll guide you through each layer of the enmeshed architecture, including the Backbone Layer, Transport Layer, Consumption Layer, Integration Layer and User-Experience Layer.

Components in-detail

Get an in-depth look at the key components that power enmeshed. Learn about the App, Backbone, and Connector and gain insights into how these elements contribute to the enmeshed ecosystem.

Expert Corner

For those seeking advanced knowledge, our Expert Corner is the place to be. Explore topics such as enmeshed Addresses, Runtime behavior, Cryptography and the rationale behind our decision not to use blockchain technology.