Event Data Description (This event is triggered when …)
consumption.attributeCreated LocalAttribute … an Attribute was created manually or through a Request.
consumption.attributeDeleted LocalAttribute … an Attribute was deleted manually or through a Request.
consumption.attributeSucceeded LocalAttribute … an Attribute was succeeded manually or through a Request.
consumption.attributeUpdated LocalAttribute … an Attribute was updated manually or through a Request.
consumption.incomingRequestReceived LocalRequest … an incoming Request was received either by loading a RelationshipTemplate or by receiving a Message
consumption.incomingRequestStatusChanged RequestStatusChangedEventData … the status of an incoming Request has changed.
consumption.messageProcessed MessageProcessedEventData … a Message was processed by Modules like the RequestModule or DeciderModule.
consumption.outgoingRequestCreated LocalRequest … any outgoing Request was created by the Connector API or Connector Module.
consumption.outgoingRequestCreatedAndCompleted LocalRequest … any outgoing Request was transferred via a RelationshipTemplate.
This event could either be triggered:
• by an incoming Relationship creation change using the onNewRelationship property within the RelationshipTemplate
• by an incoming Message using the onExistingRelationship property within the RelationshipTemplate
Content, if the user already has a Relationship with the RelationshipTemplate creator
LocalRequest … a consumption.
CreatedAndCompleted event is fired and it was fired due to a RelationshipCreation Change. This convenience event is especially useful to act on incoming RelationshipRequests.
consumption.outgoingRequestStatusChanged RequestStatusChangedEventData … the status of an outgoing Request has changed.
consumption.relationshipTemplateProcessed RelationshipTemplateProcessedEventData … a RelationshipTemplate was processed by Modules like the RequestModule or DeciderModule.
consumption.sharedAttributeCopyCreated LocalAttribute … an Attribute is copied for sharing with another Identity.
transport.messageReceived Message … a Message is received during synchronization.
transport.messageSent Message … a Message was sent.
transport.peerRelationshipTemplateLoaded RelationshipTemplate … a RelationshipTemplate was loaded that belongs to another Identity.
transport.relationshipChanged Relationship … a Relationship has changed. This can be due to one of the following cases:
• you create a Relationship
• you accept, reject or revoke a Relationship Change
• a Relationship Change is received during synchronization

Event structure

Every event is structured as follows (TData depends on the actual event, e.g. LocalAttribute):

interface Event<TData> {
  namespace: string;
  eventTargetAddress: string;
  data: TData;



export interface RequestStatusChangedEventData {
  request: LocalRequest;
  oldStatus: LocalRequestStatus;
  newStatus: LocalRequestStatus;



export interface MessageProcessedEventData {
  message: MessageDTO;
  result: "ManualRequestDecisionRequired" | "NoRequest" | "Error";



export interface RelationshipTemplateProcessedEventData {
  template: RelationshipTemplateDTO;
  result: "ManualRequestDecisionRequired" | "NonCompletedRequestExists" | "RelationshipExists" | "NoRequest" | "Error";