No matter your expertise - we love to hear your feedback and your opinion about enmeshed!

Additionally, there are multiple ways how you can contribute to enmeshed:

  • Inform us, by providing feedback to our solutions.
  • Enlighten us, by filing bug reports of bugs you encountered Please do check beforehand if a similar issue is already tracked.
  • Guide us, by bringing in your expertise and fill out feature requests or vote for existing ones. This is done in the same repository. Please do check beforehand if a similar feature was already requested.
  • Challenge us, by reviewing our concepts, architecture and implementations on a more technical base. We’d love to hear from you either by contacting us directly or take part in the GitHub discussions.
  • Harden us, by digging deep into our software and find security relevant issues.
  • Enhance us, by contributing your work to our open source repositories (as of now, not supported yet).