Creates a RelationshipTemplate with the given parameters and submits it to the Backbone for other Identites to use.

A RelationshipTemplate can be used by any party to either initiate a Relationship with the current Identity or retrieve a Request from an existing Relationship by a side-channel.


  • expiresAt is the ISODateTime the RelationshipTemplate expires at. This should be set as small as possible and cannot be in the past.
  • content describes the structure of the RelationshipTemplate. Whereas the enmeshed App requires a RelationshipTemplateContent as structure, the content of the RelationshipTemplate is arbitrary data.
  • maxNumberOfAllocations is the number of times the RelationshipTemplate can be accessed by different Identities to initiate a Relationship. The Backbone returns an error, if one accesses a RelationshipTemplate with no allocations left. Accessing the same RelationshipTemplate with the same Identity multiple times doesn’t affect the number of allocations. The allocation counts, even if the Identity does not accept the RelationshipTemplate by discarding it.

On Success

On Failure

  • The content is malformed.
  • expiresAt lies in the past

How to execute this use case with the Connector?

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