This use case attempts to accept an incoming LocalRequest with the corresponding parameters.

It is advised to check if incoming Request can be accepted in advance.


On Success

  • The Request is processed according to the decisions made.
  • A Message is sent to the requesting peer which contains the Response to the Request.
  • The LocalRequest is returned

On Failure

  • The decisions do not match the RequestItems.
  • The decisions and values of respective RequestItems do not match the requested or required values, e.g. an E-Mail Address is wrong.
  • An item that has the mustBeAccepted field set was not accepted or left blank.

How to execute this use case with the Connector?

The Connector is our first-class citizen, thus we provide you with a detailed API description for every use case. This use case can be executed with the REST API of the Connector which you can Access the Connector.
Corresponding interactive API docs excerpt: