Features included with Enmeshed:

  • Self-sovereign identity
  • Datawallet capabilitites, i.e. repository of structured data like attributes and files
  • Datalog, i.e. know what data was shared when and to whom
  • Cross-identity transparent encryption and digital signatures
  • Cross-identity bi-directional data communication
  • Cross-identity structured data synchronization (manual or automated)
  • Cross-device transparent encryption
  • Cross-device bi-directional data communication
  • Cross-device structured data synchronization (automated)
  • Zero-knowledge highly scalable central architecture
  • Zero-knowledge secure central data archive
  • Central timestamp capabilities to proof submission date of messages

Features possible with Enmeshed:

  • Digital signatures on files
  • Digital certificates, e.g. X509 certificates, verifiable claims
  • Multi-signature processes with multiple different identities (e.g. for approval processes)
  • Multi-signature processes with multiple different devices of one identity (e.g. for multi-factor authentication)
  • Transparent web authentication without identity providers, passwords or multi-factor apps
  • Transparent web authorization without identities
  • Fast onboarding with all required data (getting all the data you need from a client without having the client to enter the same data time and time again)
  • Direct login (press a button out of the app and be authenticated on a website)