You can find many Connector-specific information in the integrate part of these docs.

Connector Building Blocks

Connector Docker Image

The Connector is usually deployed with a Docker image. The Docker images can be fetched from the GitHub container registry using your Docker client.

Note: You have to be logged in using a GitHub account to list available tags.

The Docker images are created, maintained and published by j&s-soft GmbH.

Connector Runtime

Just like the App Runtime extends the Enmeshed Runtime for user interfaces, the Connector Runtime is extending the Enmeshed Runtime for the use within services and programs. For example, it maps REST-API-calls to Enmeshed business-logic.

Connector Modules

The Connector is built modular and provides some built-in Modules. A list of the available Modules and how to configure them can be found in the Connector Modules guide.

Connector Database

The Connector uses a MongoDB database to store its data. You can read more about its configuration in the database section of the Connector configuration guide.

Connector SDK

Read more about the Connector SDKs.