Troubleshooting Guide

For any issues with the Connector make sure you checked the logs and the /Monitoring/* routes. The /Monitoring/Support route provides a lot of information about the current state of the Connector and you can for example detect misconfigurations.

Common Errors

Config file mounting (EISDIR | invalid mode: RO)


One of the following errors are logged during the startup of the Connector:

  • Error parsing your configuration file: [/config.json]: EISDIR: illegal operation on a directory, read
  • ERROR: for connector Cannot create container for service connector: invalid mode: RO

How to fix?

Given the following filesystem structure:

└── connector/
    ├── config.json
    └── docker-compose.yml

If you mount /home/connector:/config.json:ro, the created /config.json in the container will be a directory. To fix this the mount has to be /home/connector/config.json:/config.json:ro or ./config.json:/config.json:ro (docker compose translates relative links to absolute links).

Database Authorization Error


During the startup of the Connector, the following error is logged:

[ERROR] ConnectorRuntime - Could not connect to the configured database. Try to check the connection string and the database status. Root error:  MongoServerError: Authentication failed.

How to fix?

This error can show up when you misuse the environment variables MONGO_INITDB_ROOT_USERNAME and/or MONGO_INITDB_ROOT_PASSWORD of the MongoDB Docker image. Even though their name is self-explanatory, you can easily read over the “INITDB” part in them. This means that the username and password you specify here are only used to initially create a database user. When you change them and then restart the container, the root username is not changed. If you want to change the root user’s name or password, look into the MongoDB documentation.